You've known your best friend forever. You both grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, even started playing soccer together at age 5. And now you've both finally gotten good enough to make the school team. The problem is, while learning comes easy to you, for your friend it is often a struggle. And doing well is really important because, if grades slip, the soccer coach suspends players from the team.
Last night you learned that your friend's in serious trouble because of his poor grades. To keep from being suspended from the team, he's asked you to text message him the answers to the math test today. You really care about your friend, but you know cheating is wrong.
What kinds of things should YOU consider whenever you need to make an important decision?
What will you do?
This scene is an example of situations we encounter every day. Some are tougher than others. Check out the ideas on the following pages. See how they might work for you.