Mari-what? What's that?
Marijuana (mar-i-wanna) is a powerful drug that comes from a Indian hemp plant to be exact, called cannabis sativa (can-nuh-bis sa-teev-a). In the past this plant has been used to make rope, paint, and cloth. Today, some people smoke/inhale or eat marijuana because there's a chemical in it that gets people "high." It's called (Are you ready for this?) Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (tetra-high-dro-can-nab-in-all)
Or THC for short. (Whew!!)- If that weren't enough, marijuana also contains over 450 other chemicals!
NEWS FLASH- In some cases, the THC from on marijuana cigarette cane take up to one whole month to leave the body! (That's about 30 days, 720 hours and 43,200 minutes...)
FAST FACT- Marijuana is 3 to 8 times more powerful today than in the 70's. But one thing hasn't changed, it's still AGAINST THE LAW!