Bullying is all too common in today's society. It involves intentionally doing mean or hurtful things to people who may have a hard time defending themselves. Unfortunately, in most cases, bullying is NOT a one time occurrence. Instead, people who bully tend to do it over and over again.
Sometimes individuals aren't even aware they are bullying. They think it's "no big deal," and that they are just joking around. Some might even know what bullying feels like because it's happened to them before. Hard to believe they wouldn't know that what they're doing is hurting someone else, but sometimes they really don't.
Others who bully try to make themselves feel better by putting other people down. It makes them feel powerful, and they also enjoy the attention.
Still others purposely use their power in hurtful ways. They may say, " He was asking for it." Or "She deserved it." Obviously, these excuses are NEVER acceptable.
While there are lots of reasons why people might bully, there is no GOOD reason to do so. Even if you've been bullied in the past, that's no reason for you to act that way towards someone else.
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