Ads for alcohol sure make people look happy and pretty. They always look like they’re having fun! Here’s an example of what you usually see.
It’s the right beer now!
Here’s what they don’t tell you!!
Drinking can take away your dreams.
Drinking doesn’t make everything for fun.
Drinking can take away the power you need to make decisions.
Drinking causes major health problems.
You may start to rely on it to relax.
You can hurt yourself and people you care about.
It’s illegal if you’re under 21!
Drinking causes hangovers! (That means drinkers feel awful the next morning…headache, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, shakiness!) YUK!
Can we go home? I feel sick!
I can’t even watch this game. I can’t focus on the football!
I guess real life can be very different from ads on T.V.